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What to expect from New Heights Coaching

At New Heights Coaching we believe that you are the expert in your own life experience. You have all the answers you need already within you. Our job is to ask questions, encourage self-discovery, and provide a supportive environment for you to grow. This method is proven to create the accountability and autonomy needed for true change to take root.

So how do we do that?

Through a client-driven, coach-guided process. You come to the table with a goal or an idea, plus a lifetime of experiences to draw upon. Your new desired outcome could be big or small, personal or professional. We'll work together through question and answer to build an actionable goal. You will create a picture of the future you want to work towards, and have an understanding of where you currently stand in that journey.

Through ongoing coaching sessions, we'll tackle small bits and pieces of the goal. As your guide through the process, your coach will provide the support and challenge you need to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. We'll design experiments for you to test, and we'll reflect on your learnings together. This cycle will allow you to reach new heights and be your best self.

That's it?

It's that simple -- well, sort of. The process is simple, but change is hard work. There's no way around that. The success of this relationship requires you to have the courage to look inside, be honest with yourself, and be willing to experiment. No one else can create lasting change in your life but yourself; you are in control.

Your coach will be your support framework, thought partner, encourager, and safe space. It may not always be easy, it may not always be fun, but in the end you will have gone from Point A to Point B and owned the route all the way. And that sense of accomplishment is second to none.

Ready to get started? Let us know.

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