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Our Story

Helping you reach New Heights

Kirsten founded New Heights Coaching in 2021 to fulfill her dream of helping others reach theirs. 

Our mission is to support & challenge individuals to create meaningful, lasting change in their lives. We seek to make coaching more accessible for all, no matter their stage of life, industry area, or geographical region. 

Kirsten is dedicated to working with young professionals, emerging leaders, non-profit professionals, and entrepreneurs looking to transform their lives. New Heights makes coaching accessible through scaled pricing models for individuals, non-profits, small businesses, and corporations.

Our favorite area of exploration is life transition. No matter where life takes you, there are curves, turns, and bumps along the way. Whether you are a first-time leader, a parent returning to the workforce, or looking to make a career shift, we are here to help.


International Coaching Federation

Kirsten is a proud member of the International Coaching Federation, a worldwide organization dedicated to upholding ethical standards in coaching, spreading awareness, and continuous education. She earned her Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential in 2023.

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