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Getting Started: The Chemistry Session

If you're interested in exploring a coaching engagement, the best first step to take is to schedule a complimentary chemistry session.

What the heck is that?

If you've read our first Getting Started blog post, you know that coaching is a client-driven, coach-guided process, built on a foundation of trust, safety, confidentiality, and empathy. The chemistry session offers a chance to answer a few questions:

  1. Is coaching the right thing to help me right now?

  2. Is this coach the right person to help me accomplish my goals?

  3. If yes to 1 & 2, what would this coaching engagement look & feel like?

Coaching is a type of "helping conversation," but it is not therapy, mentorship, sponsorship, or advice giving. In coaching, we believe that you are the expert in your own life experience and have all the answers you need already within you. Our job as coach is to ask questions, encourage self-discovery, and provide a supportive environment for you to grow. We are not here to diagnose you, assess how your past has made you who you are, or tell you what you should do to move forward.

During the chemistry session, our coach will expand on her approach to coaching, and answer any questions you may have. Not only will this help you determine if coaching is the right thing to help you accomplish your goals, but will also start to give you some insight into whether this specific coach will be the best fit for you.

After there is some shared understanding of what coaching is (and isn't), it is important to explore whether there is a good fit between coach & client. You'll have a chance to share what brought you to seek coaching, your value system, how you are motivated, and more.

Believe it or not, you'll begin to experience what coaching will really feel like. Our coach will explore your goals with you, asking questions to help you dive deeper and solidify your thoughts. This will give the coach valuable insight on your style & needs, and give you a chance to see if coaching in this style might work for you.

The goal of the chemistry session is to ensure you have the chance to answer your questions, explore coaching without any strings, and decide if it is the right fit for you right now.

Once you're finished with this completely free, no-strings-attached session, our coach will follow up to see if you'd like to begin a coaching engagement. For more on what that means, stay tuned to our Getting Started blog series.

Schedule now!

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